Our poop is piling up in the great outdoors.

That’s right, as the population rises, culture shifts, and traffic increases in mountain recreation areas people’s poop has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, often times people aren’t educated as to how important it is to take care of their shit and waste management infrastructure is rarely there to support them. As any of you that have ever encountered a brown trout while fishing for a place to do your own business outside know, that shit is gross. It can also have detrimental effects on water systems and surrounding ecosystems. Additionally, waste barrels, outdated vault toilets or failing “composting” toilets can often cost parks hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste transportation and pumping.


Well, separate pee and poo. One and two.

We turned to nature for the solution. Turns out, humans are the only animals on earth that pee and poop in the exact same spot. Nature did not intend for our byproducts to be mixed together. When combined, the resulting compounds created are toxic, including the stinky ammonia gases that we associate with outhouse smell. Investigating possible solutions, we came across Toilet Tech Solutions. PhD Geoff Hill has studied human waste management for decades and through his research and understanding of how to appropriately manage human waste, he endorses a urine diversion system. Liquid waste goes one way and solid the other. Then, microbes in the soil can do their part to help with decomposition. Without liquid waste bogging down the solids, even where rock bed makes pack-out models necessary, the load is a lot lighter.


We install a solution, we maintain it, and we solve problems.

The DGS System is something we take pride in. 

1. Identify how and why the human waste problem is present in a specific location. 

2. Partner with local organizations to develop our approach and decide what the most effective long-term solution will be. Acquire resources.

3. Implement the solution.

4. Maintain, recreate and celebrate.