Our mission is to reduce the harmful impacts of human waste by delivering dignified and sustainable sanitation systems, to ecologically sensitive environments, and their surrounding communities. Our story is driven by a passion to recreate in the places we love most, and to leave them better than we found them.


At the end of 2018, some of our founding members traveled to Nepal on a film assignment to document the human waste problems plaguing Mt. Everest. The contrast between the stunning landscape and the horrifying poop problem was shocking. A field transmission sent from the trip signed off with “Do Good Sh*t.”

Those three words rang in our heads. It was on the tallest mountain in the world that the DGS Co-founders set intentions to try to solve backcountry human waste management problems, but we quickly realized that it was a widespread international issue.


Do Good Sh*t was incorporated in July of 2019 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We’ve dedicated the bulk of our first year to build the organization’s foundation. This included partnering with solutions that we believe in, like Toilet Tech Solutions, and we conducted research – a two-month-long trip investigating remote human waste management on the West Coast.

At the end of 2019, we traveled to Torres Del Paine, Chile and successfully installed our first two toilets.


Our return to Nepal.

Motivated by the Colorado School of Mines – and their capstone project that outlines the installation of 45 urine-diversion toilets along the Everest Basecamp Trek – we decided to bring this blueprint to life.

We are currently working with Phortse local, Tenzing Sherpa, to implement our pilot project: two source separation toilets near the local ‘Gamba.’ This incredible effort, and longer team vision, has taken a form of its own, and can is informally called the Everest Sanitation Alliance (ESA).

The ESA is composed of local Nepalese stakeholders, Do Good Sh*t, Architects without Borders Seattle, Coby Varby, Gabby Quijada, and Alexander Mengistu.


We have projects at varying stages of The DGS System around the world, from preliminary permitting stages in Lake Tahoe, California to completed installations in Torres Del Paine, Chile. 

Our organization is positioned to continue implementing our waste management solutions and bringing sanitation services to communities in need. Reach out to us if you know of a site with a poop problem, or read more about our existing projects. With your help, we can Do Good Shit. Join the movement.