Get to know the Do Good Shit advisory council

Leah Bernthal

Leah is an organizational strategist and social entrepreneur whose mission is to create the next generation of bold businesses and philanthropists driven by action, community, and transparency. She is the founder of Every Purpose, an impact strategy firm that collaborates with conscious individuals and businesses to build purpose-driven strategy, thoughtful engagement, and sustainable action.

Geoff Hill

Following his PhD on the topic of human waste management, Geoff Hill founded Toilet Tech Solutions in 2013 in B.C. Canada. Geoff has extensive knowledge in the processes to effectively address human waste management. Toilet Tech now provides modern solutions throughout North and South America to an industry that has seen little innovation since the 1970’s.

Brophy Tyree

Brophy is cofounder of Untrodden: a travel company built to connect people deeply with nature while empowering rural communities to use regenerative tourism to build their economies. After spending 80 consecutive days living off the grid in the remote backcountry of Patagonia — and seeing the mountains of plastic washed up on the uninhabited beaches of the coastal Chonos archipelago — Brophy returned deeply passionate about finding creative solutions to mitigating the impact of humans in remote wilderness environments.

Stein Retzlaff

Over the past 4 years, Stein and team have worked with 9 different international non-profits. They have created international global stories for Instagram, Snapchat, National Geographic, SeaLegacy, OutsideTV and ROAM Media. They created a social storytelling strategy matrix to not only bring awareness to global conservation efforts, but also to create tangible action via petitions, fundraisers and community growth.

Stein has helped launch global stories while working with SeaLegacy, Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier that have accumulated over 1.5 Billion media impressions. He has helped coordinate and direct social campaigns bringing over 100k petition signatures to support conservation efforts. He has also helped build a network of celebrities, athletes, artists, scientists and organizations amounting to over 25 million followers across social platforms in an effort to create a community of like-minded supporters to launch unique environmental campaigns.

Erich Roepke

Erich Roepke has worked with  nonprofits around the world – SeaLegacy, Pacific Wild, IceLegacy – to develop media plans rooted in action. Erich and Stein created an instagram story strategy for SeaLegacy that the organization used to sign petitions, add voices, and fundraise around specific calls to action. Since then, Erich and Stein have started a media company focused on documenting the process of “adventuring with purpose.”