Get to know the Do Good Sh*t staff


TENZING GYALZEN SHERPA | Nepal Project Manager

Born and raised in the Khumbu Valley, Tenzing is a renowned International Mountain Guide in the Sherpa community. Between his multiple summits of Everest, and successful summits of other prominent peaks in the region, his passion for protecting the environment is unwavering. Most recently, Tenzing was awarded a Guinness World Record for leading a team of scientists and Sherpa for installing the highest-altitude weather station on land (28,904 ft).

DGS partnered with Tenzing in 2021 to install a two-toilet sustainable sanitation system in his home village of Phortse. Over the past two years, Tenzing’s role of Project Manager consisted of organizing materials, managing a workforce, and overseeing the completion of the sanitation structure. As of November 2022, the installation was completed. Tenzing continues to support DGS with hopes of bringing sustainable sanitation to other parts of the Everest Region. 



COBY VARDY | Principal Architect

Coby is a wizard of architectural and construction craft with a passion for outdoor exploration in the high alpine. Wearing many hats over the past decade including architectural designer, construction project engineer, and most recently the director of digital construction, his experience synthesizes critical design thinking instincts with digitally enabled processes.

In the role of Principal Architect, Coby leads a team of design, engineering, and construction professionals towards the creation of our pilot project in the Khumbu Valley. The team looks to bridge the language and geographic barrier through construction-grade 3D modeling and corresponding drawing sets that transform the idea of sustainable waste management into a tangible built environment.

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Taylor Zehren is an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about environmental advocacy, scientific communication, content creation, and experiential education. Following a B.S. in Biology/Spanish from the University of Portland Honors Program, an independent research trip down the Pan-American Highway, and a Fulbright Scholarship in Argentina she was able to blend her passions as a Co-Founder of Do Good Sh*t. 

In her role, she focuses on applying her skills for program development, cultural exchange with community partners, and the science behind the solutions.

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Thor is an energetic adventurer that has rooted himself in social entrepreneurship and purposeful expedition storytelling. Born and raised in the Sierra Nevadas, Truckee has been his home base his whole life and is a direct influence on his unwavering passion for the outdoors. In November 2018, Thor helped co-found Do Good Sh*t after becoming exposed to the uncomfortable reality of the mismanaged human waste on Mt Everest.

Thor brings a unique vision to the organization, focusing on the translation of abstract problems into tangible solutions. By utilizing media and contemporary nonprofit tools, he plays a critical role in identifying opportunities and implementing strategies.

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