Toilet Installations in Torres del Paine National Park

 We have successfully funded three toilets to be installed in Torres del Paine.

Project Cost: $45,000

Installation Notes:

Torres Del Paine is the iconic Andean landscape that we think of when we hear “Patagonia’: bright green vegetation, glacial blue lakes, staggering rock peaks, wandering guanacos, winding trails…it is the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. As such, it receives an ever-increasing 250,000 visitors annually. And all of those visitors poop. 

The toilets will be installed at Camp Italiano, Campamiento Pingo, and Japonés December 2019. 

1st Do Good Shit Project!

Location Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

In Collaboration with The Torres del Paine Legacy Fund

3 Toilets Servicing 250,000 Annual Visitors