Toilet Installation Donner Summit, Tahoe, California, USA

Installation Notes:

While our first project was down in the Southern Hemisphere, we recognize that cleaning shit up starts right here at home. Based out of Tahoe, the DGS team wants to make sure that our favorite hometown recreation sites are effectively managing waste. We are currently in the process of site selection and permitting, in collaboration with Tahoe Fund and Tahoe Climbers Coalition, in order to get a toilet solution installed at one of our favorite climbing crags and scenic drives: Donner Summit. 

Truckee Shit Show!

Stay tuned for our epic hometown fundraising event for this project. We can’t wait to rally our community to party with a purpose and celebrate the launch of DGS back with our roots.

1st Domestic Do Good Shit Project!

Location Donner Summit, Tahoe, California

In Collaboration with The Tahoe Climbers Coalition and the Tahoe Fund

1 Toilet Servicing Donner Summit