How to Do Good Shit on Amazon

Did you know that you can support Do Good Shit with your Amazon shopping?

The reality of these strange current times is that we are all shopping on Amazon more than we would probably like to. No matter how much we believe in supporting local businesses, COVID-related closures are making local shopping a challenge. Which is a huge bummer. Especially when meanwhile, Amazon makes everything (literally everything) you could possibly need available at your fingertips. Just put in your address, type in your card, and you can smile with the Amazon logo in two days.

Yet, there is always that ping of remorse as you check out:

“Shit, I could get that in town…” 

“Damn, I wonder if this book is at the local bookstore…” 

“Why am I making Bezos more money…”

Well if those thoughts have ever occurred to you, maybe it’s because you give a shit? We do too. And we can do that together, thanks to Amazon Smile.

Believe it or not, the first quarter of 2020 produced $75.5 Billion in revenue for Amazon (probably from all the TP flying off the shelves). The North American sales were up 29% with an international increase of 18%. The good news is that Amazon wants to give back in a charitable way.

So make sure every time you shop on Amazon, you are Doing Good Shit.

Amazon Smile is exactly like Amazon, except a portion of your eligible purchases goes to the charity of your choice.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your credentials.
  3. Search and choose Do Good Shit as your charity of choice.
  4. Have some peace of mind knowing that a portion of whatever trinkets and treasures you buy will do good in the world.


Make sure you use when you return to shop!

If you see “Supporting: Do Good Shit” below your search bar, you’ve done it right. Click the down arrow to see how much good shit you’ve done with your online orders! (click banner below!)

Remember to always navigate to – purchases made through the regular Amazon will not qualify for donation. Here’s some ways to make sure your muscle memory doesn’t get the best of you: 

  1. Bookmark or favorite the Amazon Smile page in your browser of choice. Make sure to replace the regular Amazon bookmark if you already have one.
  2. Install a plug-in that automatically redirects you to every time you visit Amazon
    • Chrome – visit and click “Available in the webstore. Select “Add to chrome” and know that everytime you visit Amazon, you’ll be Doing Good Shit!
    • Safari – visit and select “keeponsmiling.safariextz” under assets. It will then download an extension in your downloads folder. Select “trust”, download the extension, and consider switching to Chrome.

Do you prefer to do your shopping using the Amazon App?

Unfortunately, there is no Amazon Smile version of the app. But here’s some alternatives:

1. Replace the Amazon app with a link to the Amazon Smile mobile page by heading to

    • iPhone – click “share” and then “Add to Home Screen”
    • Android – click “menu” and then “page” and finally “Add page shortcut”

2. Add all of the items to your cart using the Amazon app, then checkout using your account on a mobile or desktop browser

Let your friends know how their Amazon shopping habits can help us Do Good Shit!

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