Our Mission

Do Good Shit is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing long-lasting solutions in alpine regions that are deteriorating from neglected human waste.

DGS is dedicated to doing good shit in the world. From picking up the piece of trash you were about to just step over, to being kind to people day to day, to resolving larger scale problems in communities with creative and long-lasting solutions. Our intentions are to build out this nonprofit as an inclusive idea, or as we call it “a movement,” that is inherent in what people do, and how they do it. 

The Process 

We want to position Do Good Shit (DGS) in a very specific place in time, addressing S.M.A.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Adventurous, Relevant, Team-Oriented) projects. The organization will flow around feedback-loops, with one of our biggest assets being the inclusion of people in the community we build around us. Additionally, we will work one project at a time, creation to completion. We want to focus on ‘bite sized’ projects and create a system that produces success, involvement, and replicability.

Our process is a closed circuit system that is built around a radically transparent business model. When people contribute some kind of value – whether this be money or volunteer work – we want to document and expose how their contribution directly impacted a project.

We will support all solutions that are intended to solve a problem, regardless of conflicting interests. Our end goal is the most effective, long-lasting solution, properly managed and environmentally considered. 


Media and Storytelling

We strongly believe in the art of storytelling. The current electronic medium that is consuming our world has allowed us to reach an innumerable amount of people in real time. With this ability for engagement, we will position ourselves in a process-oriented narrative. 

We will create an online social community that drafts a strong social equity for those involved. Through participation and exposing the ins-and-outs of a project, we will show people how we go about our actions, our implementation of a solution, and the celebration of successes.

This will require a core group of individuals that can curate a captivating narrative around problems and how to address them. But moreover, it will require a media team dedicated to promoting creative solutions through collaboration and feedback loops.



The Team

The core group of people that founded DGS are invested in adventure. We seek out expeditions because that is our motivation for a healthy life. Yet, through a recognition of our actions and how they impact surrounding landscapes, we have identified the need to leave places we visit better than we found them.

DGS aims to collaborate with organizations and individuals like Team Intrepid, who’s members travel the world creating impactful stories that expose the thrills of adventure and the reality of negative externalities of neglected problems.