Do Good Shit

Do Good Huh?
An Introduction to Our Project and Our Team

This is how Do Good Shit started.

On the side of Mt. Everest.

Some of our founding members had traveled there to document the human waste problems occurring in the Khumbu Valley. We were shocked by the contrast between the stunning landscape and the horrifying poop problem. It was a public health disaster unfolding before our eyes in the most beautiful place we had ever been.

On the ground, we tried to further understand the problem. Relaying the information back home, one particular field transmission signed off “DO GOOD SHIT”.

As life moved on after the trip, that inReach message rang in our heads. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we began to notice that this problem wasn’t exclusive to Everest. In fact, nearly everywhere we recreated was plagued with brown trouts, outdated pit toilets, and general ignorance around the issue. We decided that we might as well try to do something about it. Thus, Do Good Shit was born.

Meet our founders. 

We’re a group of best friends, family. We hold varying roles in DGS. We ski, climb, film, mountaineer, run, create, travel, and adventure all over the world. We want to leave the places we go better than we found them. 

So far, we have broken ground on projects in Chile and the West Coast of the US. 
Join us in this journey as we learn how to implement sustainable waste management solutions, how to operate a nonprofit, how to spread good stories, and how to inspire people to Do Good Shit in the world.


Taylor Zehren

Co-Founder, Executive Director


Thor Retzlaff

Co-Founder, Executive Director


Erich Roepke



Stein Retzlaff